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Luxury Roofing in SE Wisconsin

Luxury roofing is beneficial in many ways; it functions and looks exceptional while being environmentally friendly. Many luxury roofing styles come in a variety of materials such as copper, and DaVinci Synthetic Roofscapes and Certainteed Presidential Shake TL These natural materials are mined from the ground, or used from trees that were once in the ground. LeFever Roofing LLC can install this roofing for both functional and aesthetic benefit. It is a long lasting solution as each material is very durable and can withstand the elements like no other. On the other hand, it is aesthetically pleasing to look at since the materials have nature’s beauty built right in. Luxury asphalt roofing ranges in weight from 300-500 lbs per square. This gives your home a very luxurious look to set your home apart from your neighbors.

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