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Cedar Shake Roofing In SE Wisconsin

LeFever Roofing LLC has been offering professional Cedar Shake roofing installation throughout Waukesha, Brookfield, Mequon, River Hills, Ozaukee, and neighboring counties. To ensure satisfaction, we use #1 Bureau grade or CERTA-grade Cedar Shakes. Our Cedar Shake roofing installers embed stainless steel fasteners to prevent corrosion from weather and reacting with tannins in the shakes. We also never forget proper ventilation. Without it, condensation in the attic, mold, and mildew can damage your roof and affect your health. Our products protect your home and are also energy efficient, saving you money and increasing your comfort all year round. Our installers are trained to use a wide variety of ventilation products chosen for your specific application.

Our certified Cedar Shake roofing installers are trained and certified to get the job done right the first time and deliver top quality results your neighbors will surely rave over. LeFever Roofing LLC believes in the very best for our customers and is dedicated to giving you the best value for your money.

We believe that the mills we have selected in British Columbia Canada process the best quality product on the market! Our shakes typically are 80% + edge grade which is the best cut for your roof. Like going to the meat market to select a great steak for that Saturday night party, shakes are graded along those parameters. I would be happy to explain the difference in quality.

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