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Commercial Roofing in SE Wisconsin


Rubber roofs are created with EPDM synthetic rubber materials to provide you with outstanding protection in a simple, easily installed membrane. This high quality membrane is resistant to weathering, tears, impacts, and punctures. At LeFever Roofing LLC, we offer either black or white rubber material; black retains heat to keep the rest of the building warm, while white is often used if reduced roof temperatures are required. These membranes are most efficient in flat roofs for commercial and industrial buildings.

Thermoplastic Roofing

LeFever Roofing LLC in SE Wisconsin specializes in flat roofing for a variety of buildings. We are proud certified installers of Thermoplastic roofing (TPO) by Mule Hide and GAF EverGuard. There are many benefits of a TPO roof system that cannot be beat, especially by a rubber membrane (EPDM) roof. This roofing option is best used on flat roofs, especially for industrial and commercial establishments. We have noticed many people have a preference to use TPO systems over rubber roofs due to the many benefits TPO offers. As we mentioned before, TPO systems feature materials that do not shrink, the seams will not separate, they carry a longer warranty, and so much more.

TPO roof system typically last 30% longer, have little to no maintenance, are easily repaired, and come in three colors (Tan, White, Grey).

Best of all, this product is no more expensive than EPDM membrane roofing. Please click on the link above to read through the EverGuard Sell Sheet to learn more about it!


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